27 Mar 2009

Serpents of Hellfire

Here are a few of my Serpents of Hell Fire 1st Company Terminators and one 1st Company Veteran. The Vet miniature actually won the first price at local painting competition. (I got a set of those great new Citadel inks... Hooray!) Anyway... I´m happy with that miniatures paint job.

The banner on Vet´s back shows the greatest battles where his been playing hes Holy Bolter. "Altid 156" and "Kadillus Harbour" were both historical battles of Dark Angels. By writing the names of those battles on the banner I tightened the storyline of the "Serpents" as one of the Dark Angels second founding chapters. By this we can assume that "Serpents" were fightin in those same wars... maybe working on some secret missions, for there´s no mention of the Serpents been present in the official chronicles :)

The Terminators paint job´s aren´t that great... I had a crappy deadline on finnishing them. Actually some dude from Games Workshop Scandinavia sent me that box of brand new terminators to paint in colors of Serpents of Hell Fire. Oh... yes... Before that I had taken part in Games Workshop´s "Chapter Master" painting competition, where I came in 11th or... 13th... I don´t remenber anymore :) So I assume they sent those Terminator boxes for top20 painters (or something) to paint in Chapter Master colors. I sent the Terminators to GW... and got them back few months later in a little box... in many pieces... Maybe Terminators got in a battle :)

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