14 Apr 2009

Old school High Elves

Here´s some real "old school" stuff. My first painted command group and some warriors from the early 90's... The color themes are straight from 1993-High elf army book. Bright reds, greens, yellows, purples, and all kinds of colors were "in fashion at the time. Color themes in latest army books have become a bit boring for the High Elves, I think. Pretty much just blue, white and silver...

I have added the Banner and the Dragons on this Standard bearer from the new plastic Spear men regiment box... The Elf originally had a long spear and a flag on it... I don´t know if you should ever convert a classic :) I did it anyway, and I´m sticking with it...

Here´s an exact copy of the color theme in Army Book of 1993... For my own defense, I must mention the fact, that the horn and the feathers on arrows are painted in different color :D I have really let my imagination fly on this one...

I still remember painting this High elf Champion... I guess it´s because, for the first time I didn´t copy the colors straight from book ;) Anyway, I was really happy with the combination of green, bronze and gold. Actually, I´m still happy with the paint job on this one... after about 16 years :)

Should I add some flock and sand to the base..? It´s been under construction for 15 years now... Better late than never I guess. I´ll add a new picture when it´s done :)

I really like these old plastic High Elf Archers. They look really cool as an regiment on table. And in the game, they can really shoot... far away. What a hell have I used for yellow on that gem in the belt. It´s more like green... This picture is too sharp :)


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  2. Wonderful pictures. I wish I could paint that well. I added a link to your blog in my Crafts blog.

  3. Thank you for your comments! Tarja, nice that you added me on your blog... You have great stuff on your blog too! The Crime scene miniature was little scary :)