18 Oct 2009

Dragon Mage

Only convertion on this one is the staff. I just made it alot longer than the original. So he can swing the enemies to the head with it... The reckless dragon mages tend to get in to close combat...


  1. Amazing stuff! It makes me feel like breaking out the WHFB stuff again! Incidentally I moved my blog to its own profile. I moved my Hemlock Politics blog. I can follow a bunch of political blogs and not have it clutter up my gaming blog tracker on my dashboard. Anyway awesome painting and really good mini photography too btw.

  2. Well, I must say you have a wonderfull blog here. I admire a lot the paint jobs you do, the detail of miniature painting is awesome. You seem to have the skills, so keep up the good work. I´ll try to check from time to time.