1 Mar 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Bromius Group shot

Sorry bout the little delay with the group shot... It´s been hard to find time to write or post anything. Well here it is now :)

I really like how the sergeant came out... Imperial Laurel really brought some Roman discipline feeling for him :)

And here´s another from the above. Mainly just to show that I decided to paint the chapter symbol on the top of the cyclone missile launcher, for the Termie had a limited amount of space on his shoulder :)

Next squad (Suad Seneca) is coming along nicely... I´ll post the WIP pics soon.


  1. And again great job! That symbol on the cyclone is superb.

  2. Very nice job on both squads of terminators. I like the freehand Blood Raven icons that you've done - very clean work!