11 Feb 2012

Night Goblin Spear Chukka´s

Hello! I decided it´s time to improve the firepower of my Orcs & Goblins army.  Rock Lobba is the only war machine I usually use in my armylist... but now I´m gonna add some chukkas to the battle field. I remembered having some old Ring of Rule, "Artillery of the Cursed Legion" minis in the cupboard, so I dusted them off, and started to work with hobby knife and glue...

I discovered that I had sprues to build five chukka´s... But I tought I´d only have use for four of them. I have rather large rank&file units, the O&G being cheap in points, so having too much chukka´s would only make the deployment harder than it allready is. And 140 points is enough cost for these unstable gobbo machinery things :) (180 pts if you would have the bullys too...)

Here´s the 25 bits to build one "Chukka". I was happy to see that they´re high quality stuff... The joints are so precise, that the main frame of the Ballista can be built practically without any glue. And there was next to nothing to clean up in the casting job. Me likes...

Here´s the first one assembled. It´s abit too fancy engineering and carpenting for Orcy hands... So I have to come up with some "looted from Bretonnians" fluff  with these :) Anyways... I left some of the parts without glue, as they hinted in the instructions... and this is cool:

Now I can actually move the lever beneath the ballista to adjust it for short or...

long range fire. I´m gonna raise the geekyness of the tabletop battle games to a new level, as I start my shooting phase by adjusting the Chukkas for the right position :) "This is just gonna take a minute guys... only two more to go now." I can´t wait to see the smoke coming out of the opponents ears by round three. Remember... angry opponent makes lot of mistakes!

Here´s four of the beauties done. Im working on the bases now, and pimping the ballistas with Orcy bitz to make them more Chukka like. I´ll be back soon... Bye now!


  1. Darn good idea! I have a massive night gobbo army half assembled in the closet o' doom ... I dream of one day reviving it :)

  2. Furinji: Thanks man!

    Lord: Just go for it :) Compairing to other WHFB armies, the Green Skins are pretty easy to put together and paint... The progress can be seen quite fast. I have High Elf Army I´ve been working on for years and years. I just can´t get it done... So now I work with the O&G instead :D And it´s been fun.