27 Jul 2014

Home Made Jungle Trees... and other "Shrubbery"!

Hi there! Here's how to put together some decent looking, cheap, home made jungle trees...

Go to your local petshop, and purchase some plastic water plants that most reminds you of jungle canopy. Well, this one really reminded me of the stuff that you put in the pipe and smoke away... but I got a good feeling, and a vague vision of how to turn them in to jungle trees. And it was only 9€.

When you get home... Cut three groups of leaves out of the vine.

Use some hot glue to put them together.

Next cut a straw in comfortable length. Then use hot glue again, to attach the leaves on the straw.

Use a 40K round infantry base (or what eva) to make it stand. Then glue some sand on the base.

Paint the trunk with Mournfang Brown, and the base with a layer of Steel Legion Drab.

Use the "bamboo pattern" to enliven the trunk abit. First dry brush some small areas with Tau Light Ochre in even distances. Then, between the areas, paint a thin stripe of the same color. Don't worry, it's easy to do, and pretty fast.

Finish the base as you like. And there you have it! Here are the first two of my experimental jungle trees. Maybe they still need some coco nuts. I dunno...

Here's some other plants I made at the same go... They are made of some old plastic plant that I found from my hobby supply. Cheep and fast. Just the way I like it :)

And here's a picture with some minis. Orcs and Goblins in jungle action. Bye now!


  1. I really like the palm tree-esq plants the paint work is very eye catching. Really great ideas here!

  2. Heh,

    pretty neat looking palm trees!! Is 40k base enough to keep them standing? Looks a bit small..

  3. Thanks Lord! Glad you like 'em.
    Kalervo has a good point here... These palm trees stand nicely with a 40K base, for I was really careful to get the trunks glued stright up, and the tree itself is very light material. But if you want the tree to be little "wonky", then you should make bigger base, or put some weight (maybe a metal washer) under the base. I'd like to keep the base small as possible, to leave more room for units and skirmishers.