6 Apr 2015

Making more Space inside my Miniature Cupboard


Hi there! I have conquered a cupboard  from our livingroom for hobby use. I have stuff in other room and attic too... (normal situation for wargames gobbyist I guess). There's a very limited store room for my games and minis in livingroom cupboard, and I tried to expand the space for my painted minis, that are now mostly laying in boxes and getting damaged.

 At the moment the upper shelves are taken for painted minis, but they are in chaos, and painted minis are stuffed on top of one another with no order. I decided there had to be a makeover of some kind.
And here's what I did...

I made a bunch of simple small shelves out of plywood... and attached them on top of the existing upper shelves.

Like this... A lot of new space for minis now. I got to save all those old painted minis from scrappy boxes.

Orcs and goblins on the left shelf... (well, few High Elves back there too)

And to the right one, I put all my painted 40K, Epic and Descent minis. Some dungeon props there too. Now it is easy to start playing, for I know where everything is. A new situation for me. Bye now!


  1. Very clever alex! Additional suggestion! Fill the center space with some glass!

  2. Wow! That's a great idea... Glass of that size doesn't even cost that much. Thnx Greg!

    1. Np buddy! Then you can have contests for which models get to go on top! Perform badly in a game? TO THE BOTTOM SHELF WITH YOU!

  3. Heh... but that would make my bottom shelf crowded, and leave the upper empty. You should see me roll some dice... :)