5 May 2015

Serpents of Hellfire: Librarian WIP2

Hello again! Here's some WIP pics after I made the lightning effect on my Librarian...

Well... I have quite mixed emotions about this work. I have allways been against any "gun muzzle"- and other external effects in the miniatures. But nowadays, when I have seen pretty good looking spell effects sculpted on miniatures, as in new GW-fantasy stuff, I have not so steep opinions about them. For example the latest High Elf mages look amazing, with all energy balls and lightnings growing out of them. The broblem that comes with these minis, is the painting. You have to really invest in to the colors, to make the mini look as it supposed to. There are quite nice OSL (object source lighting) tutorials in the network, but it takes ages to master the techniques... "Sigh"

So, with this initialization, lets see my Librarian lightning effect attempt, that has no OSL extending to the mini, and looks like... something.

The only OSL- effect is in the Librarians palm, that I simply painted white inside. Instead of making the whole mini glow with blue light, I painted the lightning through the whole arm, all the way to Librarians shoulder. Thats kind of "comic book" solution to the effect broblem. And that suits me fine, for I have no time, interrest, or the skills to carry out a decent OSL-effect. I continued the theme to the other hand holding the Sword of Caliban. There's some of the power weapons energy flowing on the Librarians armour.

The lightning itself is made out of a little piece of root, glued to the Librarians palm. Lightning effects are quite easy to paint... You just need three layers of different blues, and little white on top. With little practise it comes out nicely.

Back of the mini is quite unfinished... but here's showing some of the cloak :) Some more high lights coming up soon. And I'll be back with a finished miniature. Bye now!


  1. Lighting effect looks amazing on the palm. Bit weaker on the sword, but that is probably because it just looks so awesome from the palm!

  2. Thanks Greg! You are right, again... I might be adding some to the sword hand. Just have to be careful not to overdo it :)

  3. Rock solid. Good arm swap on the left. Essential for this model.

  4. Thanks Trip! I think soo too :)