3 May 2016

Home Made Blood Bowl Banners

Hello! In the inspiration of starting our Blood Bowl "practice season", I decided to make a team banner for every team in our Tournament...

I started with my own team "Miners United". That was made only using Promarker pens...
With "Ostermark Sunbros" (the team painted in previous posting :) I decided to try out Citadel minature paints on paper. And I think they were nice colors to work with. After finishing the coloring I covered the banners with contact paper on both sides...

Close up of the team logo... Sorry about blurry pic!

And on the other side is the mandatory helmet, that needs to be in every respectful Blood Bowl banner :D

And here's the banners on the field... At least, now you know wich way to rush with the ball :) Bye now!

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