6 Jul 2016

All 4 Deathskull Trukks Done!

Hello there! It's been a busy two weeks with these Ork Trukks, but they are finally done! And I'm pretty happy with the results. All Trukks were supposed to be without any extra options... just the "Red Paint Job" showing here and there. Otherwise the color theme is Deathskull Blue, rust and crap :) Here's some pics!

Here's the third one I finished. I made a bumper out of Fantasy Black Orc bitz... and modified the drivers cabinet a bit, raising the steering wheel higher.

Closeup of the bumper :)

And the last Trukk...

Other side...

And here's all four together!

Wwrrrrooooommm..! Bye now. See you soon, with something smaller to paint...


  1. Love the little character pieces on the trukks, like the skull with the horns. These are really well done and look great!

    1. Thank you Greg! I'm happy you like 'em...

  2. Nice Trukks. I like the colour scheme and muddy weathered look.

    Amusingly, when I clicked on the tiny picture in the blog reel I thought the trees were in the trukk! I was like ... a savage Ork Trukk? I need to see it!

  3. Hah... That's funny Blasmo :D That would have been really out of the box converting. Great idea. I hope someone picks that up...