29 Aug 2016

Deathwatch Overkill: First Cultist Painted

Hello! I played around with color theme's for the Cultists... And here's the final result. Pretty much the same as in WD-tutorial, only with few minor changes. But here's the pics...

More soon... Bye now!


  1. Gorgeous paint job Alex. The vibrancy of the colors is phenomenal. Almost like you painted with some exotic paints!

  2. Thanks Greg! I assure you, the paints are not very exotic :). I use mostly Citadel colors. I guess the reason for vibrancy is just that I over do the high lights alot... I start with quite dark layer and work it up to very light. Lacking realism, but adding vibrancy :)

    1. It's very nice and very stylistic. I love it! Don't change that style of painting!!!

  3. Thanks again! I'll try to hang on to it :)