27 Sep 2016

WH40K: Small Watch Tower out of a Spray Bottle Cap

Hi there! I was in the mood to make some scenery for a change, for I got inspired by a spray bottle cap on my hobby table. I just saw in an instant what needed to be done... And here's what happened :)

I got some cheap materials laying around. I used some thin cardboard (for vertical supports and hand rail), grilling sticks (for rivets and ladders), and some mesh + kapa-board to make the grill. Everything but "rivets" were assembled with hot glue. To attach the small rivets I had to use some white glue.

All was covered with Mephiston Red.

And after some washes and high lights I had myself a small Watch Tower. I added some
40K skull bitz to finish the look :)

Side view...

And finally with a marine, to give some scale of this... That was fast, cheap and fun. I should make more of these :)  Bye now!


  1. So simple and awesome! I have to steal this idea...

  2. I'm glad you like it Furinji... And glad if you'll steal it :)