21 Nov 2016

Blood Bowl: Dark Elf Team Painted

Hello there! A while ago I was asked to paint the classic "Naggaroth Nightmares" box, and some extras... I was excited of the opportunity, to get to work with this really cool team. And it was fun all the way. Color theme was purple and pink, and of course some black leather... :)  Here's the pics.

Back Bone of the attacking team... the Throwers. "Long Bomb coming... Go deep!!!"

Witch Elves, fast and frenzy babes...

Dark elf Blitzers...

Linemen in a nice line..!

Cheer Leaders keeps your morals up, and lifts the spirit..!

Especially when viewed from behind :)

And if that does'nt help, there's all ways a slash from the coaches whip! Keeps you going (for it) for that extra square...

One more group shot! Bye now!

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