16 Jan 2017

Purchases: Space Crusade

Hi there! Just a quick update this time... I had to post about this treasure that I bought in a very fair price. I've played this last time when it was a new game, in the early 90's :). So it's been awhile... If I only found enough painty time to get all the figures in paints, and play one campaign, that would be awesome!

Every bit is in the box... even the extra blank counters! This was a great deal. The game was actually published in Finnish language at the beginning of 90's here in Finland, and this is one of those boxes... I've heard before that the translation is really crappy job, and when I started to read the rule book, I found out it's actually hilarious :D. I have to read the rules in English pdf-file just to understand what the translator is trying to say... Well, I dont mind. I hope to post more about this box soon, maybe in form of painted Space Crusade miniatures... Bye now!


  1. That is quite a find! Wow!

  2. Yes! I agree :) I'll post some more pics of the minis and stuff when I get around to it... After finishing other projecs.