14 Jan 2018

WHFB: Dark Elves, Black Guard and some Extras

Hello! The unit of Black Guards is finished. I painted some individuals on the side. One Assasin, one Shade and a Witch... Here's the pics!

It was a  challenge to make the unit of metal Black Guard rank up nicely... But I made it :)

Here's the Assasin, one of the Shades, and the Witch...

Close up on the Assasins cloak... it came out ok!

More of Fantasy Battle Darkies coming soon. Bye now!


  1. Love the shade of green on the armour. Red and green often have the risk of the xmas effect, but I don't see that at all. Very nice work.

  2. Thanks Dave! Color may seem as red in the pictures (poor lighting in Finland), but it is actually purple... That goes well with green :)