24 May 2018

The Boyz Are Back In Town: FB 3rd Edition Regiment Painted

Hello there! Here's the regiment of WHFB 3rd edition painted. These are the minis I started the hobby with, along with plastic Rogue Trader Marines (those are still unpainted). I'm very pleased to get these finally in paints after 30 years... Here's the pics!

Taken with phone... Not the best of my pics, but they'll have to do now :)
The sand on the bases is actually darker and better looking live...

From an different angle...

I love those old shield designs... I have to find rest of the shields somewhere, for I didn't have enough for all of the orcs. Ebay, here I come...

Bye now!


  1. Yeah, I started with that box set too! I gave mine a quick paint and dip though....just to get them on the table. Yours look brilliant.

    I too bought the RBT01 marine box, but I managed to get mine painted.....about 20 years after I bought them mind :)

    Thanks for the reminder into our collective past.