5 Jan 2010

Captin Morgn´s finest

I´ve been collecting Orcs and Goblins army for few years now, but I have only painted one Orc mini... I have used all my painting time on my High Elves and Space Marines so far, and now I´m really happy about that. Some time ago I ordered some Orc pirate heads from Maxmini. Now I got around to try them on... so I chopped some heads off from my trusty old Boyz and replaced them with the pirate ones. I think the result is great... First two ranks of Captin Morgn´s finest!

All the nice details on the heads doesn´t show here, cause the picture sucks abit... But I really like the one on the right in the first rank, with a spy glass on he´s head. Drummer also got more attitude with the pirate head... And ofcourse the Pirate captin´s hat iz great with all the medals in it... and... leftie on the first rank is smoking cigar :D

Somehow I got to extend the Pirate theme to other units... Black Orcs, Goblins, Giant... I think it will be fun :)

-"Why are the Pirates so mean"? -"They just AAARRRrrrrrrrr"

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