2 Jan 2010

Serpents of Hellfire Chaplain

First post of 2010..! I´ve born 1975, so to me 2010 sounds like science fiction...
Doesn´t it say "year 2020" in the cover of old Talsorian Games Cyber Punk RPG? So we have ten years to invent Hover cars, AI, working Virtual Reality where you can fight against corporation guard dogs and other hackers with cool virus programs... etc. And also get the cybernetic limbs and I-pod that you can plug straight to your head, to the reach of normal consumer.
It´s gonna be busy ten years... But I believe we can make it :) (At least I did back in 1990 when we played the game with the boys)

I got carried away again... This post was supposed to be simply about the Hellfire Chaplain that I made completely from biz box...

I used Chaos, Orcs and space marine bits... I like the cool posing of the Storm Bolter :) He´s holding it Gangsta style..! "Get Some..."

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