9 Feb 2010

More Dragon Princes

I picked up the old school Dragon Princes "regiment boxes" today. Cheers! Just a minor set back though... The old boxes only contains three Princes, not five as I presumed :( But I found four blisters from the "collectors bag", so I gathered a group of ten Princes after all :) Two of the blisters are actually "Dragon Prince Heroes"... so they look a bit different than a common Prince.
And again, the price was next to nothing... Of this all in the picture, I payed twenty euros :o

The new Warhammer minis are a bit bigger in size than the oldies. And they have better poses, to make them even taller. So I had to put one of the Old ones together and compare the size issue...

And the winner is... well... I found out that the riders are actually the same size, but the difference in height is big between the mounts. What do they feed to the horses nowadays? Can they be used together in the same unit? Does the size matter after all? ... Big questions...

Well... I will use the same color theme in the Oldies, red, gold and white. So maybe I can use the new edition Princes as unit champions or something. (champs are bigger and rides a bigger horse too... Right???)


  1. Really sweet paint job on the dragon princes, nice and clean distinction between the colours. It must be pretty exciting to find old minis still in their packaging, I loved these figures when they came out but always collected undead and space marines back then so couldn't justify it. Good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words... It really felt like Christmas for the old wargamer to find those old High Elves in top condition! :)