23 Feb 2010

Captin Morgn on Wyvern WIP

Just putting few quick pics here, for I haven´t posted anything for a while now... (Little short on painting time lately)
I have resently been working on my Pirate Captin Morgn on Wyvern.

Wyvern is actually my old Dark Elf dragon. I put it together while ago and gave it one extra horn right in the middle of it´s fore head... (it´s the one that´s painted ;))

Captin Morgun himself is Orc Boss with riders legs. I gave him right arm from my Black Orc regiment box for some extra armour and mean Axe :) I also desided to give him a Banner, wich I flipped side ways... that´s gonna be a pirate flag ofcourse. "AARrrrrrrrr"

Allrighty then... I´ll be back later with a few words about colors I use on Captin and Wyvern, techniques and stuff. But just have to mention... check out the wyvern. It´s made of spiky things, horns, claws and teeht. I´ll be in retirement home with shaky set of hands before I get them all painted... AARrrrrr

And sorry... the pics suck again. I´ll try to get decent ones later ;) And I promise to use something else on the back ground than a kitchen jar... it kind of flattens the ambiance.


  1. Wow ... nice paint work there so far! I think the banner addition will be cool ... can't wait to see how it will look when you get the banner painted up!

  2. Thanx... I´ll try to get to it soon :)