8 Mar 2010

Blood Bowl Death Roller & other stuff

Hello! In earlier posts I told how I managed to get some Old school miniature stuff in my hands, when an old collector decided to get rid of his whole collection of minis over the years... Well here´s couple of other treasures that I purchased from him...

I don´t know in what year this mini was released, but I know that I haven´t seen this in our local gaming shops assortment for a while :) It´s an actual Dwarf Death Roller... It was the only thing missing my Dwarf Blood Bowl team. And it really fits my team, for I have converted all the teams players from the first plastic Warhammer FB minis from the late 80´s (or was it the early 90´s? I´m so old I cant remeber:). The "Roller" must be from about the same period of time..!?

And here´s something from about the same period of good old times... when the ships were wood and men were iron...

Ten pieces of oldies Warhammer 40K plastic Dwarfs..! I just had to have them, even when I had no idea what to do with them (I have no 40K Dwarf army)... Later I decided that I´m going to convert them to Scouts for my Serpents of Hellfire Space marine army :)

Here´s one sample "Ratling Scout with sniper"...

And yes... the pictures suck again! Sorry for that. I even bought a new camera, but I´m an ass and can´t use it properly yet... and too lazy to read the darn manual :D

But when I get around to it... I´ll promise you a whole new era of miniature photography (not)

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