17 Mar 2010

Blood Bowl Miniatures, Miners United

After I found the Death Roller, that I wrote about in my last post, I just had to wipe the dust from my old Blood Bowl minis, and see how many are still unpainted... (six to go) And maybe I could give the painted ones some more high lights and details...

I took few pics from my Dwarf team, the "Miners United". They are all converted from really old Warhammer plastic miniatures from early 90´s. And the paint job is really old too :D

Only six painted so far... I have made the shoulder pads and some small armor plates to fists and boots from green stuff. Color theme is very simple. Clothes are red with some white stripes to make them look more sporty :) They all have a green scarf around the neck... maybe I could add a white stripe there too... And they all have the "MU" logo painted on left shoulder.

Troll Slayer has orange beard and the suitable hair style from green stuff. (Yes, there´s a hole in the top of the helmet specially made for the mohawk hairdo. It´s a standard Troll Slayer pattern :) I bent the horns little bit to make him look wackier... or just plain silly :) And I tried to paint the face a bit berserk manner. Runner has wings in the helmet, to make him run faster... They´re from High Elves bits.

Long Beards have no convertions... except the green stuff shoulder pads and steel plates on boots.
The Blitzers are funny looking ones... I gave them spikes on the back of the hand, and to the shoulders. The goggles are made of small bits from Space Marine backpacks. I just cut off the nozzles and glued them on... A bit of the "Salute of the Juggers" feeling in them... I think :)

I´ll get back with these, when I get the rest of the team painted :)

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  1. Nice! I really hope to get some blood bowl going with the gaming group again at some point. The classic minis look really awesome once they are painted decently