3 Jun 2010

Captin Morg´n WIP, and some Speed Painting

It´s been some time since my last post. I´ve have painted a lot, but haven´t found time to post anything :) Wolf Riders are ready, some progress with the Sword Masters, Captin Morg´n almost finished and I took part to local speed painting competition too... Lots of stuff, but now few pics of dear Capitano!

If you´ve been reading earlier post´s, you can see that the banner is gone! (It´s coming back later) I wanted to change Captin´s pose a bit, so I removed the old arm and added a new from Orc arrer boy. I attached the shield to the back of the arm and made the strap from Green Stuff. And the old head is gone too... I really liked the previous one, but it wasn´t Piraty enough for me :( So I decided to switch the head with WH40 000 Green skin that came with White Dwarf magazine some time ago... It has eyepatch and everything :) Funny I didn´t come to think of it earlier.

The Wyrm is now finished painting. I really like the sculpting and pose of the head. Looks nasty and baity. "Chomp chomp"

As I mentioned, the banner is coming back later... Hopefully this weekend :o. It´s gonna make the mini look even bigger and more threatening ( I hope ).

Next time when I have the chance to play WH I´m definitely going to put Capitain on the table. Just afraid that hes gonna receive "everything" on the shooting and magic phases :)

The Wyrm is crapping skulls...

And finally something else that I´m gonna squeeze in to this post...
I took part of local speed painting competition. I was really surprised to win the first prize, for the speed painting is really not my thing. Or at least it wasn´t. This competition really opened my eyes for new way of painting. I have always tried to make every miniature look as neat as possible, with all the details painted, shaded, high lighted and so on... In that way I´m not gonna finish painting any army in my life time.
Anyway... now I noticed that fast painted minis can really look good even if all the details are not painted. And who´s gonna see the missing details in my vast unit of 40 goblins for example. I see and know of course, but no one else doesn´t even care!

So... We had one hour to paint two miniatures. We could choose what to paint from the minis that the store had prepared for us. I was lazy and picked two of the new Skull Pass gobbos... They seemed to be the easiest ones to paint :) Never has one hour felt so short. I didn´t have time to paint the belts or even teeth for them, but I managed to get a result that pleased me, and surprisingly, the judges too..!

Now I´m impatient to get my gobbo horde on the painting table, and show them some speed brush!