10 Jun 2010

Night Goblin Wolf Riders ready

So... I finally finished the Wolf Riders. The first six miniatures anyways. Now I have to go and buy some more LotR Wargs to make a full unit of twelve Riders.

I really tried to work as fast as I could with these fellows. So I used about six hours per mini. That includes converting, repositioning of the limbs, painting and of course basing. For me that´s really fast :) To be honest, the standard took me about six extra hours to paint...

I think my home made bases (actually made them at work) look pretty nice with the sand and dead grass. The gobbo on the left side is on original GW cavalry base, but the rest of the unit are on home made. You can see that the original is little lower... Otherwise the measures are the same.

Here´s a closeup of the banner. At first I was just gonna leave it red with the blood drops dripping down the banner. But it was too Vampire Counts look alike, and made the unit look too serious, so I decided to paint it as a goofy pirate flag that suits my army theme. I think the Orcs and Goblins army is the last funny army in the Warhammer world nowadays, so I try to keep that image up :) I tried to make the skull look like Captin Morg´n miniature, with the eyepatch and hair style.

I specially like the musician mini Banging the Gong... I made him carry a mean looking heavy spear on he´s back too.

"Get it on, Bang a gong, Get it on..."