10 Oct 2010

Rune Quest Miniatures

Hello everybody! It´s been a while since my last posting... Busy with the job and three kids :D Actually I´ve managed to do some painting at nights, when it´s nice and quiet... but haven´t got the energy to post anything... Now I decided to try and update my blog with the latest hobby pics. I have made some cool progress with Sword Masters and Dragon princes, and have fast painted some Squig Hoppers etc. But here´s another speed painting project that I started recently. It has been a good practice for me... My firs painted minis for Rune Quest (of many to come).

The Lunars on the left are actually Warlord Games Roman auxiliaries. Humakti on the right is from Field of Glory Celt warband regiment box (Look more pics from earlier posts).

Lunar armor have base coating of 1:1 Scorched Brown and shining gold. Red Gore on the clothing and shields. Scorched Brown on the leather and wooden parts. Skin color with Vajello 332... Then heavy wash over whole mini with Devlan Mud. High lights with Shining Gold on the bronze parts, Blood Red on the clothes and shield, and finally for the wood and leather parts 1:1 Scorched Brown and some Vallejo 332.

Humakti fellow was painted with almost the same colors as lunars... except for the blue pants. For those I used Enchanted Blue base coat, wash with the same Devlan Mud as the rest of the mini... The gray pattern on the pants with Astronomican Gray... and that´s it.

It took me less than hour per mini to finish. In my standards that´s really fast :) I like the results, and planning to paint some more in near future... It would be cool to have some Rune Quest battles going on with miniatures, for I´ve never used minis before when Game Mastering Rune...

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