24 Oct 2010

Epic Stuff

I was cleaning my miniature cupboard few months ago... (Had to make some room for new minis). My wife says that I have too much of those "toy soldiers", so I had to mastermind some way to fit them in the cupboard or listen to nagging all day long...

Anyway... I found a few old dusty boxes from back of the upper shelf. My old Eldar Epic miniatures, still in a box... I remember playing Epic once in the early 90´s, and enjoying it alot. After that we somehow forgot the game, for we played alot of different things back then...

I got really excited of all this tiny stuff, and decided to find out how large army I could put together... (and so I forgot to clean up the cupboard)

I counted that with few extra purchases I could nicely have a 6500pts army according to the latest rulebook... I had easily over 10 War hosts of infantry, over 30 Falcons, lots of Bikes and Artillery... So I ordered a one more infantry War Host from GW and went shopping... from an old collector, who I new, was selling he´s stuff away with silly prices :)

I made some really good deals... with only 2 euro´s per blister. I had to make lot of "Counts as" research with these old minis, because the minis and their names had changed many times since 90´s.

During autumn I even had a little time to paint few of these tiny little things... here they are.

I decided to paint them on Biel Tan colors... a bit of a common choice, but I´ve always liked that color theme a lot.
With a little planning I found a nice way to paint them in a bearable time...

Close up of a Falcon...

Close up of infantry... I like that Biel Tan banner :)

Walkers are my favourite minis of Eldars...

If I only had more time..! It would be so cool to have whole army painted...


  1. Fantastic looking stuff! Always love t osee well-painted Epic models.

  2. Wives always complain we have too much stuff, but they can never have enough shoes. :-) I like how you painted the figures. I wish I had my old box of Eldar. Proved to be a bit too small for my hands.

  3. Thanks for the kind words... Glad you like them. And you are right about the shoes ;)

  4. Really nice find and great paintwork. This inspires me to do some "cleaning" too.