5 Dec 2010

Duck for Rune Quest

Finished this cool little mini last night... I happen to have one player in our Rune group that plays a Duck (don´t ask me why), so now that I got my hands on this mini, I decided to give it some paint job.

Nothing special to say about the paint job... Just took the high lights a bit further than normally... First I painted the whole mini with base colors and washed it with Devlan Mud. For high lighting I used the same base colors just added white to the base color after every layer. This result is made with three high lighting layers.

I really like this mini... Just don´t know the sculptor, for I bought it from a
acquaintance, and didn´t ask him. Only thing I found online was Duck Adventurer box sold by http://www.trollandtoad.com/p155086.html . It seems to have come out from one of these boxes...

Bonus picture of the week... "Encounter near the river of Cradles" :)  Lunars vs Adventurers 


  1. Veikeä ankkasoturi. Onko figuuri kenties yhtä pieni kuin GW:n lotr hobitit? Näyttää niin piskuiselta tuossa 25mm basella.

    Onnistuneen värimaailman olet mielestäni ankalle valinnut.

  2. En ole hobitteja maalaillut, mutta kovin pieni tämä ankka on... Yllättävän helppo kuitenkin maalata sillä figu oli hyvin selkeästi "veistelty".

  3. Wow man, you're a good painter! That duck is looking brilliant, and I know how small it is, thay's a great painting job! I like the look of your scenery as well, with the porous stone.