26 Dec 2010

Dawn of War - Painting Project

Massive cool painting project fel on my lap the other day...  Old friend who works for PAN vision Finland contacted me. He told me there´s going to be Warhammer 40 000 related competition (or a draw) in Game Reactor-game magazine , in honour of upcoming Dawn of War II - the Retribution..!

The "competition" is held in four countries... Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  And the price is going to be (this is where I come in) five fully assembled and (master class :) painted Terminators!!! The chapter is going to be Blood Ravens of course... as they are in Dawn of War. I´ve never painted Blood Ravens before, so there´s going to be some research coming up...

Finnish game store Puolenkuun Pelit was kind to come along in the project, and is going to deliver the Terminators, some paints and hobby stuff to get the job done! Humble thanks for that..!

In the meantime... Better go and practice on my own Terminators before the goods arrive. Painting twenty Blood Ravens is gonna be huge job... And I´m gonna try to paint them in best standard I possibly can. There will be lots of WIP pictures from the project of course.

Merry Christmas everybody! And happy New Year... if I don´t have time to write before next year.
Over and Out...


  1. Wow that's great. Can't wait to see them. Congrats.

  2. This is awesome. Make us finns proud. ;)

  3. Heh... Thanks guys! I will do my best :)