9 Jan 2011

Terminator and his little friend

While waiting for DOW-painting project to start... I had to dig out my own terminators to get into Terminator mood :) Here´s the first one painted...

He has a friend too... The vulture has found out, that it´s practical to hang out with this dude! Lots of corpses to feast on, when Auto Cannon starts to sing...

Auto Cannon is from Dark Angels veteran box... as are the other bits with the feathers on them. They were really cool details and I just had to use them on this one. From there I got the Idea of a vulture on his shoulder, for I was thinking... Where the hell did he get those feathers on his armour :o I  took the birdie from WHFB Giant box.

About painting... On armour I used the old Hellfire recipe: Base coat of Red Core. Wash with Devlan Mud. First dry brush with Blood Red, following an other with Blazing Orange. Finally some high light spots with Yellow. Vulture was painted with base coat of Graveyard Earth. Wash with Devlan Mud. First highlight with 1:1 Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone. Second with Bleached bone only... Can´t remember the mix on the vultures head... Sorry :(
I tried to make the Auto Cannon look like it was gilded long time ago... and now the gilding had worn out.
Didn´t quite capture the feeling... but it´s ok :)  Maybe I´ll post another picture when I get the base done... 


  1. Looks very neat! Love the Vulture-friend.

    The only thing to whine about is the last and the most extreme highlight in the armour. Maybe it's too _high_? :D

    Still, must keep in mind your receipt for red.

  2. Thanks for comment! You are right... there could be one more high light to make it smoother :) But I actually tried to keep the painting really fast. And I was aiming for more like "flaming" effect on the armour more than smooth red painting. Don´t know if I managed to pull that out either :D Mini is not ready yet... there´s still couple details to paint. Maybe I´ll try one more high light on the armour while I´m at it...