16 Jan 2011

Dawn of War - Painting Project started

The first Drop Pod has landed... bringing me some goodies. I got two of the four Terminator boxes, and some paints. It was enough for me to get started... and I did.

I started to put the first squad together right away... assembly, cleaning up, and drilling the barrels... I tried to give them some cool poses, and I think they came up quite nice :)

For me, the great thing about plastic minis nowadays is that it´s so easy to make them unique with just a pose... Turn the hip or raise the arm, and you got a mini that no one else have ;) Anyways, I had orders (from the Emperor) to assemble the squads to the Maximum Fire Power..! So the upcoming  Blood Raven squads don´t follow the rules of the Codex Space Marines... They follow the rule of "Give em Hell". So, following the orders I put all the heavy stuff in the box on the lads here...

I got really carried away painting the first two of the Termies... And forgot to take any WIP pics. Sorry bout that... Still, I got eighteen to go. I hope I will remember to take them at some point :D

Here´s Sergeant Thales and his buddy. Yes... they are still missing the basing. I will add that later. About painting... I started with Army Painter "Red Primer". After that I gave the minis a heavy Devlan Mud wash. I painted up all the white parts with Bleached Bone, and gave them a very light wash of Gryphonne Sepia.After that I high lighted the white parts first with Bleached Bone and then with Skull White. Then I high lighted the red parts with Blood Red, following the high light with Blazing Orange. Metal parts are made with a Boltgun Metal base color and wash with Devlan Mud (twice). High lights first with Chain Mail and second with Mithril Silver... The Chapter symbol is not the "official" one I guess. But it´s a symbol that I can paint freehand, twenty times  in a row... and make it look decent :)

Hope you like them... Over and Out for now!


  1. Gotta love the Give 'em Hell-rule. Looking good so far. And again thank you for the painting recipe.

  2. My god Alexander Man.. Those red armour parts are just excellent. Can't wait for update! :)

  3. Thanks for comments guys..! Update coming soon as possible :)