18 Jan 2011

DoW-Terminator with Assault Cannon, WIP

I started painting Terminator with Assault Cannon... and this time I remembered to take some pics too :) I actually got carried away with the camera. There´s maybe too many pics for a short update :D Sorry...

                       Here´s the Termie with just the "Army Painter" Red Primer and heavy wash of Devlan Mud.

 This time I started with the metal parts, and gave them a coat of Boltgun Metal. I really like this color, for it covers the areas very neatly with just one coat of paint...

Then I washed the metal parts with two layers of Devlan Mud. I usually wash metal parts with Badab Black, but I have started to turn on the Devlan Mud, for it makes the shadows contrasts little softer...

       I made the high lights. First with Chain Mail, and second with just a few drops of Mithril Silver.

Then on with the white parts... Three thin layers of Bleached Bone for starters on all of the white parts.

                        And then a wash of Gryphonne Sepia... I tried to keep it light as possible.

   High lights with Bleached Bone again... and final high light with few careful brush strokes of Skull White.

Finally I added the Chapter symbol on the shoulder, and some battle damage... Damage is made with just little spots or strokes of Graveyard Earth. Underneath of the damaged parts I used a high light of Skull White to make them stand out more clearly.  Well that´s all folks... at this time.  I´ll be back with new pics shortly :)


  1. Don't feel sorry. Keep those WIP-shots coming.

  2. I like how you make your highlights more subtle every time. I didn t really liked the previous autocanon but that one and your last two are coming out very well. Still, you should make the eyes (in flashy green of course) on those minies (but maybe you did).

  3. Thanks for comments! You´re right Gregory... The "Hellfire" terminator isn´t that great :) But the bird came out sweet. And the eyes are done now, for I noticed the same thing last night... . I used flashy green of course :)