5 Feb 2011

DoW - Heavy Flamer ready

I´ts been a while since last posting... Sorry bout that. A bit of a nasty flu in the family :) But I´m back on my feet again, and here´s few WIP pics of the Squad Thales Heavy Flamer.

 Here I´m done with painting red... And couple of bullet holes on the left leg. I just painted the holes with black, and then high lighted around the lower part of the hole with Blazing Orange.

And now I´m done with the metal parts. All is done as in the earlier posts... The heating effect on the flamer is done very simply, with few layers of Gryphonne Sepia wash. Then I high lighted the washed area carefully with Mithril Silver.

Here I´ve painted the white parts. Nothing special to say about that... :)

And here´s a shot from a different angle... Hope you like it!   So, Now the "Squad Thales" is complete. All five Termies painted, and I´m happy with the result. I´ve already taken the "happy group shot" and I will try and post it later to night... Over and Out, for now.


  1. That crisp-edge highlighting really looks sharp. It's a tremendously eye-catching technique, very well done. Beautiful mini.

  2. Looks good like always. Can't wait the group picture.

  3. Thanks guys! I´m glad you like it :)