15 Feb 2011

DoW - Squad Faidon, Group shot

Now I got the bases done, and it´s time for a group shot :) So here you have it... Squad Faidon in action, somewhere in Aurelia sector!

I still found some details that needed some more work... they´re all fixed now (I hope :). At least I´m very happy with the result. Bases are covered with Citadel sand, and painted with Grave Yard Earth. Then wash with Devlan Mud, high light (dry brushing ) with Bleached Bone and finally with Skull White on the edges of the base. That leaves a darker tone right under the figure and creates kind of a shadow effect.

Here´s a link to the official Dawn of War site (in Finnish, but you can change the language of course)... I forgot to post it earlier :)  You should check it out, if you haven´t done it yet! There´s gonna be some serious Orc / Eldar / Chaos / Tyranid / Blood Raven action coming! One detail really got my attention... Eldars are NOT from Biel-Tan Craftworld (as in 99 from a 100), but they´re actually Alaitoc this time around :D Cool!


  1. Meh Alaitoc.. Alaitoc is the new Biel-Tan. I miss the times when Ulthwé was the new black. And why nobody gives love to Iyanden? Maybe they think it would be necr...

    Ermm back to the miniatures. Wow looking good! That shadow effect is really interesting. That's a new trick for me. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Heh... :) Thanx! Glad you like them. You´re welcome for the tip.

  3. Amazing looking squad! I love the red parts and shading on the models looks amazing. Big thumbsup.