4 Jun 2011

Skeleton experiment

Just a quick WIP-posting about Descent skeletons I´m working on... These bony fellas aren´t so fast to paint than the previous beastmen were. At least I have to plan the colors and style carefully, before I start the actual paint job. Well, here´s two of them painted in different style and colors...

The skeleton on the right was the first attempt... It´s Ok, but I like the second one better (the one on the left), for I painted the bones on a darker layer, to show them more clearly... Also the green on the clothes gives them more worn-out look somehow. I painted the bows to look like they were made out of bone too :) Yes, I think I´ll go with the second plan, and see how they turn out... (If nobody convince me otherwise :) Bye for now!

1 comment:

  1. GRRR!! Damn this is sorely tempting me to pick up that game (just for the figs!!). I think I shall have to since they seem to paint up sooooo nicely!! I've actually been considering it as a way to break my little ones into RPGs (my oldest is 7 and my 2,3 and 5 year olds could enjoy decent I think ... with some simplification of the rules by papa).