6 Aug 2011

Space Marine Project: Iron Warriors WIP

I started working on the Iron Warriors... here´s few WIP pics of what I´ve done so far.

Assembled minis. Poses came out pretty nice... I just had to take the Heavy Bolter to the group :) It´s the coolest looking weapon in 40k...

Chaos Black undercoat to the whole group...

I picked up one mini from the group to be the experiment piece, and painted the metal parts with Bolt Gun Metal. (forgot the sword at this point)

Then I painted the gold parts with Tausept Ochre.

After that I painted a coat of Burnished Gold on the Tausept Ochre.

Here I gave the whole mini a coat of Devlan Mud.

After the wash I high lighted the metal parts with Chainmail and the gold parts with Burnished Gold again...

Here I have added some details, like the stripes on the Plasma Pistol, red eyes, red sword grip, and stuff...

Here´s a daylight picture :) Little better I think. I will add the chapter symbol later, and maybe some more IW stripes.

One more pick from the back. I´ll be back soon..! :)


  1. The visual style on the highlights are really clean and distinct! Good lookin' model. :)

  2. Thanks Joe! I´m glad you like it...

  3. Very nice and neat :)