12 Aug 2011

Space Marine Project: Iron Warriors ready for war

Allrighty then... here´s few WIP-pics first.

Here I´m done with the high lights. Gold parts with Burnished Gold... adding some Mithril Silver 4:1. Metal parts done with with Chain Mail.

Here´s group shot with the Chapter symbols done. They turned out ok, I think... They´re not identical, and that wasn´t actually my goal, but instead I tried to make them individually cool :)

Then I added some IW-stripes to different places. Sword, shoulder, legs...

Heres a bit lower perspective... Now you can see the sripes on the Heavy bolter dude also :)

And here they are... Four Iron Warriors advancing from the ruins...

And fleeing back for cover... No, really, Chaos Marines don´t flee. Maybe the nature is calling ( these guys really do everything as a unit :).

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