7 Nov 2011

Descent Miniatures: Hell Hounds WIP

Hello! I got the Hell Hounds on my painting table last night, and almost got them finished in one session... When I started, I had no plan on how to paint them, except I would keep it fast and simple. And that´s what I did. Here´s some pics of what happened...

Primer was made with Army Painters Leather Brown.

Then one layer of Red Gore to the parts where I planned to have some fire effect...

Heavy wash of Badab Black over everything.

Here I have made some over/dry brushing on the fire parts, starting whith Blood Red then Blazing Orange. Finally I added some little dots of Golden Yellow with a detail brush...

I made similar effects around the eyes and in to the mouth, and painted the eyes with Skull White.

I painted the noses black and high lighted them with Codex Grey. The claws were painted first with  Red Gore, high light with Blood Red, and finally little white dots were added.

Finnally I high lighted  the fur with 2:1 Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone, and painted the teeth.
And that´s it for now... I think they´re ready, except what comes to basing job.

One more pic from different angle. They´re not my finest job, but I´m pretty happy with the painting, considering the speed and very simple palette.  I´ll be back when I get the basings done. Bye now!

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