20 May 2012

A Giant Leap

Finally got my brush on this one... It´s been waiting, undercoated in my mini cupboard for a year now. We have a campaign coming up, so it was a good reason to get it done. (Still missing the basing...)

  I gave it a Army Painters brown primer. For the base colors I used Dwarf Flesh for the skin, Bleached Bone for the bony stuff :) and  nails, Bestial brown for the leather parts, Red Gore for the Lizardman arm band, Boltgun Metal for the armour on the left hand... Pants were painted with three different colors, Kommando Khaki, Astronomican Grey, and Gretchin Green (just to fit in with the greenskins:), and finally the wooden stick with Tausept Ochre...

 I washed the Dwarf Flesh and Bleached Bone with Ogryn Flesh, metal parts with Badab Black, the rest was washed with Devlan Mud. The first high lights were done with the base colors... except for the lizardman skin, it was done with Blood Red.

 In the picture below I gave the second high lights, with just adding some skull white to the base colors... leaving the previous layer to show abit of course. I like to keep it simple :)

I was really surprised how easily and fast this big mini painted up. It´s brilliantly sculpted and the details were really untroubled to paint... Not a master piece of a paint job, but I´m really happy to get it done so quickly with a simple palette. So all you gamers out there, with a giant in a closet... set it free! :) I´ll be back with this one when I get the basing done... Bye now!

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