29 Apr 2012

Death From Above

Hi there! I found little time for hobby again, and I used it to update my "Serpents of Hellfire" Vanguard Veteran Squad. I replaced the old backpacks with the Iron Pattern Jump Packs that I ordered from Maxmini. Now they can make the Heroic Intervention... And they look massive cool (Well, bigger anyways :)

For comparison... Here they are with the regular backpacks. Deadly and effective group :)

But now they can also fly... and arrive into middle of action when least expected :o

The Jump Packs are huge and I really love the sculpting. The price of 7.35€ for five of these is not bad at all.

The mini in the last pic looks different from others, for it´s older painting job... I used to drybrush the Chapter armour colors. I had to change later to a faster technique :) Anyways... That´s all folks! Bye now!

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