8 Apr 2012

Space Marine Assault

Fast update to what´s going on... Finally I got some time to assembly the Space Marine Assault minis, that I won from Santa Cruz Warhammer give away. My son detached the parts from sprues, and I was the glue master...

Here´s my son´s first Marine painted... he chose the one with Rocket Launcher of course. Not bad paint job for a six years old, I think! I try to give the Genestealers some fast paint job before we try out the game.

The game rules are really simple, and seems like a great introduction to the hobby for the kids. It´s good to teach them how to blow up some aliens... you´ll never now when you need that tactical eye for it. I´ll post more bout this when we get the project further... It´s been fun so far. Bye now!

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  1. Hi Alexander,

    I am extremely curious how things are turning out for the Space Marine Assault game. Is your son enjoying it?

    Best rgds,