15 Apr 2012

Release the Fanatics

I finally found some painty time... so I got to complete these amazingly sculpted Night Goblin Fanatics, which been on my  hobby table for some while now (with many other projects). Here´s the pics.

This one´s the Flying Fanatic... The original mini has the ball attached on the base. I cut off the basing lid and filed off the excess metal. After taking a pin from a flyer base, I drilled  a hole on the gobbos back and glued it on... I did it because I really like the minis facial expression, and it would had gone to waste if it looked downwards.

Coming at ya..! Look at that pretty face.

For this loony I decided to give a simple "half red, half green" war paint. I think it works pretty good, and adds the level of devoteness at spinning the ball... under the influence of few mushrooms.

No tricks with this one. Just a basic nutbag...

And here´s a groupshot of a class 2012... "Say Mushroom"!

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