1 Apr 2012

No time for hobby :( Snotling Power

I´ve been busy lately with the family, renovateing our apartment, work... and other stuff. So there has been no time for painting at all :( But I have ideas for mini projects bouncing in my head all the time... One the ideas is... Snotling steam wagon.

I have just one Snotling Pump Wagon for my Greenskin army so far... and I´m in need of another :) So I dug out one of the Orc Boar Chariots that I haven´t assembled, and started planning a kitbash Pump Wagon... Spiky Roller is coming up from Black Orc bitz as you can see :)

Later I had the Idea to add a "Steam boiler" and some engine bitz on the back of the wagon... Could it be that the genious Snotlings have looted and recycled some parts from one of Leonardo of Miraglianos wonderous Steam Tanks... and made it work... on some level...

Hmmm... or maybe like this... I re-assemble the bitz every time I pass my hobby table.

Or could this work... Hmmm... Lot of work there. I try to post something soon regarding this project. And I hope to find some painting time too in the near future :) Bye now..!

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