17 Mar 2012

Old miniature box discovery

Hi there! I just have to briefly post about an old mini box that I found. I thought these minis were long gone :) Theyre mostly old Grenadier minis, about 1986, when I started with the hobby. They were mostly to use with Rune Quest... the first RPG that we ever played. Then there´s some old Warhammer minis, that came along little later. But here´s the pics.

Here´s some Grenadier Dwarfs. I was a brilliant painter back then I see... :D I´m pretty sure I was eleven years old when I painted these... The Dwarf on the right with the staff (that used to be a spear I think) was the first mini ever, that I have painted. I remember painting it at my friends house, for he had some miniature paints, that I had never even heard of...  

And here´s some Grenadier Orcs. Behold the highly realistic blood stains on some of the Orc´s weapons :) I really like the Orc with sword and shield doing the Conan pose... It would be great to repaint these minis, but I kind of like to see my old painting job. It brings back memories.

Here´s some Grenadier Adventurers and Dungeon creatures. I remember being very proud of the paint job on the middle swordman with the shield... that has some kind of weird bird design... :o The Minotaur on the right was painted by my older sister.

I don´t remember ever having a Warhammer Dwarf army, but I found these anyways. I like that Troll Slayer with two axes, making a "war face"... I could repaint these.

These are actually not that old... The drunken Dwarfs. I remember getting these as a birthday present from old an friend few years ago.  I just have to paint these! They could be cool as a part of Blood Bowl audience (or assistant coaches). That´s all folks... Bye now!

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