4 Mar 2012

Spear Chukka´s done!

Allrighty then... I finally managed to do the basing for the Chukka´s. Basic stuff... I used some cork and Army Painter range basing bitz... Grave yard earth for primer, wash with badab black, then some dry brushing with Bleached Bone. Finally some thin line high lighting on the edge of the stones with same Bleached Bone... and after painting I glued  some Army Painters "dead grass" turf, mixed with Mordheim turf. Mushrooms were taken from older Night Goblin regiment box. There you have it :) On with the pics...

Some really old Orc huts on the background there... I took them from my friends house, meaning to update them abit :) Add some bitz and do some repainting.

Side ways...

And as you can see... I can still adjust the Spear Chukka´s for short and long range shots, even after painting :D Hooray!

I took one shot of all my painted warmachines at the moment... (if Pump Wagon counts as one... I think so) Dwarf Lobba allready has the crew painted (It´s not just the lonely snotling on top of it), but the Chukka´s are still missing them. That´s twelve Gobbos all together. Better  get started... Bye now!

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