10 Jul 2012

Blood in the Badlands: Campaign turn 1

Hello... Quick look at the Blood in the Badlands Campaign we started with friends a while ago. I´m playing Greenskins this time. The other races of Badlands are Dwarfs, Empire, Chaos Dwarfs, Wood Elves and Skavens. So far we have named our generals and liutenants, and choosed our allies and enemies... Few battles have been fought, but my first fight (against the woodies) is still unsolved. I have played just once against them before, and dont actually know what I´m against... But I´ll smash them to bloody heap anyhow :) 

Here´s how the Badlands look like at the spring time... first map turn.

And the same with colors...

Ahhh... that´s better. My friend made a really good job with the map tile project I think...

And here are the armies... My general and liutenants are in the middle represented with dices... That´s gonna change soon (read my earlier postings). I´m controlling only the Stormhenge so far, wich is a quite valuable place... I can sacrifice my enemy prisoners there, to gain some campaign relics. Dwarfs are pressing from the north and wood elves from south, but theyre gonna get some choppas in the fore head for sure... From random events table, one of my Liutenants found a magic item worth 20pts... that was nice, for I get to keep it untill the hero falls in the battle (not gonna happen). :) 

Wood elves got a spy from the events table, so I have to reveal my armylist before the oncoming game... Might as well put it here, for whole world to see. I´ts a really experimental 1500 pts list :) I´m planning to shoot the elves to fewer numbers and then hack them with choppas... Simple and simple :D Here it is:
Ormgod da ’Orrible´s Warhost

Lords and Heroes:
Ormgod da ‘Orrible
Savage Orc Warboss 150pts
Boar                              24pts
Shield                            3pts
Gold Sigil Sword         (free, campaign stuff) = 177pts

Savage Orc Shaman lvl2  105pts
Boar 16pts
Dispell Scroll 25pts= 146pts

Core Units:
30 x Arrer Boyz = 210pts
30x Arrer Boyz= 210pts

Special Forces:
2x Trolls = 70pts
4x Spear Chukka = 140pts
8x Savage Orc Boarboyz  144pts
Shields 16pts
Banner of Eternal Flame 10pts = 170pts

Rare Things
2x Pump Wagon =90pts
Rock Lobba =85pts
Giant =200pts                                  =1498pts

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