3 Jul 2012

Ugg of Da Wyvern Cliffs

Hello! Just a quick posting this time... Our Blood in the Badlands campaign started a while ago. I havent played any battles yet, but the first game is going to be against Wood Elfs. Arrows will shadow the sun :( I´ll be reporting the highlights and some battles... and the map action every now and then. I bought the campaign book too, and it looks really promising! Lots of blood will be spilled in the Badlands this year :)

This posting is about map counter I made resently... for my general and liutenants were just different color dices on the beautiful campaign map... :( I had to make a change to that. So here´s my Orc General Ugg of da Wyvern Cliffs map counter!

I don´t have any Warmaster minis, wich would be great for this purpose... so I desided to use my snotlings to represent my general and liutenants. I made a "cliff" out of foam, took a tiny dragon from my High Elf minis (as a wyvern), and used some green stuff to make the snotling look little more Warboss like :)

And here´s the painted Ugg of da Wyvern Cliffs... and he´s companion, the Baity Thing.

It´s better than a blue dice on the beautifully painted Mighty Empires map... "Cheers Nasu" for the paint job on the map tiles! I´ll be back with more campaign stuff later. Bye now!

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