4 May 2013

Epic Eldars: Windrider Troupe

Hi there! Not much painty time lately, but I managed to get these little things done :)

Windrider Troupe consist of six Jetbikes (200pts). Any number of Jetbikes can be replaced with Vypers at no additional cost... I added one to this squadron, but I have two more Windrider Troupes coming... With more Vypers in them :)

I tried to keep the painting simple as possible... Just the white stripes and the "red lights" as details.

So now I have 950pts Biel-Tan painted... Still pretty much to paint, to get the 1500pts :)


  1. Great to see that you also like to paint Epic :)
    I do not paint as good and thorough as you but I dusted off my old Ork Horde a while ago and put up some pictures on my blog.
    Please Feel free to take a look!

  2. Sure Ghazkull... I'll gladly check them out. There's not too many articles about Epic in blogisphere...