9 May 2013

Epic Scenery: Woods

Hello! This time I found my scenery making inspiration as I was at the park with the kids. I was standing next to some Grey Alder trees, and I found some small cones fallen from the tree...

I picked some of them up and got an idea of making Epic trees out of them. And here´s how they turned out...

I tried them on a piece of foam... and they looked really treelike already :)

I decided to sculpt an proper base for them from a bigger piece of foam... Just used a carpet knife on it. and glued the trees on.

I sanded the base and painted it with Steel Legion Drab, then washed it with nuln oil. Drybrush with Ushabti Bone. For the trees I used Warboss Green overbrush, then drybrush with mix of Warboss Green and Golden Yellow. Glued some grass there too... And there you have it. Simple and cheap.

Biel-Tan Rangers advancing through the woods...

Bye now!


  1. Great idea! Looks good! Just started checking out your blog recently. You've got some really amazing stuff.