7 Sep 2013

More Bitterstone Mine Terrain Pieces

Hello! It's been awhile since my last posting... no time for hobby lately :( I have taken two rather large drawing projects, that takes all my time this month (and some of the next to come). But I'll try and post some little things if I take a break from drawing.

Anyways, here's some pics of the two new "Bitterstone Mines" pieces. We're gonna play the scenario next weeks sunday... so there's still little time to finish the rest of the scenery :)

These were fun and easy to sculpt... Since I have very little time for hobby right now, I try to keep things simple and pretty fast... even if the result is not as good as I'd liked to :)  As you can see, the Dwarf is one of the "Battle for Skull Pass" starter box minis. Finally got some use for Dwarfs :D. Everything else is sculpted from polyurethaine. There's a piece of thick plywood underneath the obelisk to give it some balance. (can be seen if you look closer :)

And here's aWIP of the other pair of columns. Still a lot to sculpt there, but I'm getting closer. Hope I get to the painting soon. That's no yellow Chaos Ooze, nor mustard, dripping under the pillars. It's Polyurethaine (PUR) Glue, that I like to use for attaching the sculpted pieces to plywood. It's really good stuff for that! You just spread the glue on plywood, spray some water on it. You can see the glue reacting on it pretty fast... then just press the urethaine piece on place, and let it dry for an hour or two. It makes a really strong bonding. Try it out!  Well... I'll be back soon, I hope. Bye now!

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