23 Aug 2013

Bitterstone Mines, First Piece Done

Hi there! Here's few pics of the first scenery piece for the "Bitterstone Mines" scenario. We're gonna play the campaign game week from now... so I'm a bit in a hurry :) Other projects going on too... outside the hobby, so that doesn't make the schedule any easier. We'll see...

This piece was really nice to sculpt and paint. Painting stone is pretty easy and fast... but sculpting the details takes a lot of time. I hope I find enough time to make at least another one of these before the game, if not all three. This is the smallest one of them of course:)

Ta daa..! It's easy to turn it to a jungle terrain piece too :)

One more pic just for scale... "Group of Adventurers exploring ancient ruins". Bye now! 

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